Power Innovation With Cloud-Like Simplicity

Myriad™ All-Flash File and Object solution for today’s high-performance workloads. Cloud native, no custom hardware required.

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Protect Your Data With 70x More Efficiency

DXi® Backup Appliances protect your data—and your business—across core, edge, and cloud.

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Build Massive Data Stores at the Lowest Cost

ActiveScale® Object Storage extracts more value from your growing data sets for up to 80% less cost.

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Accelerate Collaboration and Your Content Workflow

StorNext® high-speed file system helps creative teams produce more content, more quickly.

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Replace Racks of NVRs with a Modern Surveillance Platform

Unified Surveillance Platform™ delivers an ultra resilient, secure, scalable solution so you never drop frames or lose video data.

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Enrich Data with Advanced AI, Gain Insights End-to-End

Unlock value in your data across the entire lifecycle.

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Power innovation with cloud-like simplicity

Protect your data with 70x more efficiency

Build massive data stores at the lowest cost

Accelerate collaboration and your content workflow

Replace racks of NVRs with a modern surveillance platform

Enrich data with advanced AI, gain insights end-to-end

Times Have Changed, So Has Your Data

Data is living. It doesn’t only move in one direction or stay in one location. Some data requires high performance and easy accessibility, other data needs to be archived for years or decades. Sometimes data moves back and forth on that continuum, gaining value at every turn, and being reprocessed and repurposed across the lifecycle. It’s not enough to simply store your digital data and video—it must be analyzed and enriched to gain insights and give you a competitive edge. With decades of expertise, Quantum’s end-to-end AI-driven data platform enables you not only to store but enrich, protect, and archive your unstructured data across the entire lifecycle, securely and at scale, unlocking the value in your data to drive business forward.

Your Difference is in Your Data

Our end-to-end platform uses AI to tag, catalog, and index your data, making it easy to find, recall, and reuse. Thousands of customers rely on Quantum solutions to leverage their unique data to inform decisions, innovate new products, and improve people’s lives.


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